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ohn ThompsonJohn Thompson teaches, composes and conducts research in the area of computer music and music technology. He currently directs the Music Technology program at Georgia Southern University where he is Associate Professor of Music. He has a continuing interest in interdisciplinary studies, and seeks to highlight and follow new paths in music. John is an advocate for music that explores otherness, contemplation and alternate paths toward beauty.

After receiving degrees from Belmont University (B.M.) and Middle Tennessee State University (M.A.), John received his PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara where he studied music composition and media arts with JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Curtis Roads, William Kraft, Stephen Travis Pope, and Marcos Novak. As a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Scholar, he investigated interactive systems in the California Nanosystems Institute’s Allosphere, a large space for immersive and interactive data exploration.


His works and research have been presented at the International Computer Music Conference, the New Instruments for Musical Expression conference, the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, SIGGRAPH, the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, ACM Multimedia Conference, and the Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) Conference.




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